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Copy A’ Million

Copy A' Million

Hi, My name is Precious and recently, I partnered with my friend & business partner “Alex
Costan” to release a brand new hot off the press copywriting software “CopyBuilder” -we
created that software out of frustration of dealing with copywriters who charge high fees,
waste so much time to deliver and most often write copies that don’t convert.

In fact, if you paid any attention… you’ll see that we used to pay upwards of $2,000 per sales cop

And lets be honest… each complete sales funnel normally would require about 3 - 5 sales copies (for the front-end and upgrade offers) and then some video scripts so before all is said and done… you’ll be burning around $5,000 - $10,000 in copywriter fees.

Long story short… we gave up on them and created our own system, loaded in a couple of templates based on some of the good sales copies written by top copywriters in the industry for us into the software.

But there’s a SECRET we never told you…

I held back my best “back-back” guaranteed 6 and 7 figure sales pages and video scripts from you and that’s for a good reason.

These are golden money makers that guarantee me millions of dollars yearly so I wouldn’t just spill them out there easily in the open for every jim and jones to copy and play with.

In fact, I DON’T want a lot of people to have access to these copies - I only want to give a few select & lucky people this edge that will make them look like oppressors who bring heavy guns to a knife fight - lets face it though crushing your competition mercilessly is the only way to win especially online. So, with that said…

Copy A’ Million is NOT a collection of some random templates we had some good copywriters write.

Copy A’ Million is your ONE & ONLY chance to have access to the exact sales copies, video scripts and sales pages I’ve used in my product launches this year to generate over a million dollars… And best part is…

And best part is…

customized them for you in TEMPLATE-MODE so that you just EDIT n’ REPLACE and in the next few minutes, you’ll have your own heavily-loaded sales page that will push serious cash flow into your accounts.

In The Next 10 Minutes, You Can Have A Sales Copy That Will
Make You At Least $100,000 Before The End of This Month
- All
You Need To Do Is Just Few In The Blanks!

Here’s a quick snippet example of what a sample Copy A’ Million page looks like:


This sample you just saw is from a page that made $360,000 in 1 week - as you can see you can use the sales copy to promote product in any niche “weight loss, skin care, internet marketing, fishing”.

And the color legend makes it very easy - I will show you how to use it to have your own brand new sales copy for any product in any niche within 10 minutes inside the members area…

Here’s Exactly What You Get Inside Copy A’ Million:


2 Sales Copy Templates
(Both Generated Over $500,000 in Sales)


Video Scripts That I've Used To
Pull In Over $800,000 In Sales


Upgrade Offer Sales Copy Templates
That Converted At Over 40% Each


The Sales Funnel Design That Made Me
Half A Million Dollars in 2 Weeks

And Just To Really Make Sure You Have Everything You Need to Copy, Paste n’ Profit…

You Also Get Access to the Exact 4 Sales Page Templates
I’ve Used In My Recent
Product Launches That Brought Me 7 Figure Revenue

Here’s Preview of The 4 Templates….


Everything is Copy n’ Paste Easy!

And Here’s A very Special Bonus Just for You

My Most Recent Sales Copy Template That Made Me
Over $166,000 in 1 week Just Few Days Ago

... ...

This is the sales copy we used to manufacture our CopyBuilder sales page which resulted in over $160,000 sales in just the first week - this would go ahead to make over $200,000 soon.

I’ve now giving you the done-for-you template of the sales copy so you can easily fill in the blanks and have your own 6 figure business in any niche you want (list building, fishing, animal supplies, fitness, product creation, skin care, gardening, affiliate marketing etc.)

This bonus is only available today if you take action, I want you to have everything it takes to crush it - that’s I’m leaving nothing out, I’m giving you everything that’s making me serious money.

Every template I’m giving you inside Copy A’ Million is from my own pages that have made me at least 6 figure in sales and converting like crazy.

I’m taking away all the guess work and guaranteeing your results immediately.....

Once You Get Full Access to Copy A’ Million, You Can Start Making Money Today!

I want you to sit down, relax yourself and imagine this…

What if there was a way to get access to the exact sales copies top marketers use to produce millions of dollars in sales year-in-year-out?

Sales copies, video scripts and sales page templates that have been proven to convert and make money, if you could have that… what amount of success would you achieve in your business right now?

Because that’s exactly what you’ll be getting inside Copy A’ Million.

If you just think about for a minute, you’ll begin to see how invaluable Copy A’ Million is to your online success - it’s a must have!

And because these are the exact same copies, scripts and pages I use in my business everyday that I’ve made into copy n’ paste templates for you, I’m going to limit the access so that not everyone will get access to it because I don’t want them overused and abused - they are my best money makers!

Normally, I Would Sell This Level of Access to Proven Success System for Nothing Less Than $10,000 per License But because you purchased my CopyBuilder software - I now regard your as a friend and a student I should help achieve success in his/her business so I’m cutting down the price drastically so you can afford it easily…

So, you’ll pay an UNBELIEVABLE amount of…

LESS THAN $297 LIFETIME Charter License Today

Exclusive Private Deal for CopyBuilder customers Only!

Copy A' Million